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Guardian Peak
Rust en Vrede
Stellenbosch Reserve

A Brief History

In 1977 my family took ownership of Rust en Vrede, at that time a relatively run down property of mixed agriculture. My father gave it direction, and my mother gave it soul. Over the decades, they taught me to value quality and generosity, and from these values, the Stellenbosch Collection has grown.

The Stellenbosch Collection is a family of wine brands which has grown out of a love of wine and food, and a passion to bring a lifestyle with wine to our customers. Starting at home with Rust en Vrede, and growing to include Guardian Peak, Donkiesbaai, Stellenbosch Reserve, Cirrus and Afrikaans, each brand represents a personal passion, be it for region, language, or hometown. I hope you enjoy the wines as much as we do.

Our Wine Clubs

We’d like to invite you to join the Stellenbosch family, so that you can enjoy great quality wines every day without hassle and fuss. As a member of one of our wine clubs, not only do you get a curated case delivered to your door four times a year, but you also receive early bird access to our latest releases, invitations to our winery and restaurant events, and membership discount on our full portfolio of wines throughout the year.

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